Priority setting project

Project plan: Plans for prioritisation in 2019 and beyond

Download the full plan here (Version 3, February 2019).

Aims and objectives

  • Adhere to the mandatory standards for prioritisation of Cochrane Reviews
  • Assess our existing portfolio and identify reviews to be stabilised, updated, or amended (e.g. superseded, withdrawn, split/merged). Allocate ‘main topics’ to our portfolio, consider any evidence gaps, and add up to three new priority reviews per topic
  • Update our topics list in Archie and on the Cochrane Library to increase the accessibility of our reviews
  • Build and sustain relationships with high quality, multidisciplinary, international author teams
  • Seek additional funding to support production of priority reviews
  • Focus editorial resources on priority topics
  • Build and sustain strong relationships with national and international stakeholders, e.g. funders, policy makers, patients
  • Inform guidelines and/or clinical trials
  • Work with other Cochrane Groups, Networks and Fields
  • Meet the expectations of Cochrane, NIHR, and users of our reviews
  • Reassess our priorities at least every five years

Project milestones and timeline

Stage 1: Assess current status (completed March 2019)

Stage 2: Gather feedback from Steering Group (for one/two priority topics)

Stage 3: Gather feedback from external stakeholders

Stage 4: Identify one to three priority titles

Stage 5: Dissemination and promotion