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Review proposals: Find out how to submit a proposal for a new intervention review or overview of reviews. 

Acute pain outcomes: Guidance for producing reviews with acute post-operative pain outcomes.

Protocol, Review and Update development: Find out about preparing and publishing your protocol, review or update, including useful links and a 'step by step' guide to the development process.

Peer review: Find out more about the role of the external peer reviewer for PaPaS.

Consumer review: Find out more about the role of the consumer reviewer for PaPaS.

Cochrane training: For online training, face-to-face courses, webinars, and other information and guidance.

Beyond publication of your review: Find out how we disseminate your review upon publication, and how we can work together to maximise impact.

Policies: Links to some key Cochrane and PaPaS policies.

Prioritisation: Find out how we prioritise titles for registration and updates, and read about our 2019 priority setting project.