Peer reviewers 2021

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed as a peer reviewer. Please find below a list of peer reviewers who have contributed to protocols, reviews and updates in 2021.

We also wish to acknowledge reviewers who have chosen to remain anonymous. 

Christina Abdel Shaheed 

Alfredo V. Chua, Jr.

Alfredo Covarrubias

Diarmuid Denneny

Andrew Farmery

Eugenie Johnson

Roger Knaggs

Ollie Minton

Sarah Mitchell

Sarah Nevitt

Kevin Pacheco-Barrios

Bruno Saragiotto

Roberta W. Scherer

Nicola Stoner

Scott Strassels

Adrian Tookman

Amanda Williams

Sarah Yardley

Ruth Zaslansky


Victoria Abbott-Fleming

Brian Duncan

Dulce Estêvão

Sabeeh Kamil

LeAnne Lovett-Floom

Harrison Nelson

Stella Maria O'Brien

Danial Sayyad

Information Specialists

Sam Cox

Iris Gordon

Anne Littlewood