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We produce and disseminate systematic reviews of healthcare interventions in chronic and acute pain, palliative and supportive care, and headache and migraine.

Please contact us if you think there are any evidence gaps in priority areas. Note that this is not the same as submitting a formal proposal for a new review; please see our Resources pages for more information about how to propose a new title for registration. 

Note that some reviews listed below were not published by PaPaS; due to the overlap in topic areas with other groups, some reviews may be flagged with a PaPaS topic (e.g. chronic or acute pain) but were published by another group. Click on the review links to find out more.

Our Reviews

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2019 1. Acute pain (86)
2019 1.1 Acute postoperative pain (62)
2019 2. Headache and migraine (30)
2019 2.1 Migraine (22)
2019 3. Chronic pain (111)
2019 3.1 Neuropathic pain (38)
2019 3.3 Cancer pain (25)
2019 3.6 All/Other/Non-cancer chronic pain (33)
2019 4. Palliative, supportive, frailty (55)
2019 4.2 Symptom control (other than pain) in advanced, progressive, life limiting conditions (43)