Top ten accessed reviews

Our ten most accessed reviews in 2018 are shown below.

Congratulations to everyone involved. 

1. Physical activity and exercise for chronic pain in adults: an overview of Cochrane Reviews, Louise J Geneen, R Andrew Moore, Clare Clarke, Denis Martin, Lesley A Colvin and Blair H Smith. See full review here

2. Cannabis-based medicine for chronic neuropathic pain in adults, Martin Mucke, Tudor Phillips, Lukas Radbruch, Frank Petzke and Winfried Hauser. See full review here and listen to the podcast here

3. Gabapentin for chronic neuropathic pain, Phillip J Wiffen, Sheena Derry, Rae Frances Bell, Andrew SC Rice,  Thomas Rudolph Tolle, Tudor Phillips and R Andrew Moore. See full review here

4. Patient controlled opioid analgesia versus non-patient controlled opioid analgesia for postoperative pain, Ewan D McNicol, McKenzie C Ferguson and Jana Hudcova. See full review here

5. Acupuncture for the prevention of episodic migraine, Klaus Linde, Gianni Allais, Benno Brinkhaus, Yutong Fei, Michael Mehring, Emil A Vertosick, Andrew Vickers and and Adrian R White. See full review here

6. Topical NSAIDs for acute musculoskeletal pain in adults, Sheena Derry, Phillip Conaghan, Jose Antonio P Da Silva, Phillip J Wiffen and R Andrew Moore. See full review here and blogshot here.

7. End-of-life care pathways for improving outcomes in caring for the dying, Raymond J Chan, Joan Webster and Alison Bowers. See full text here and blogshot here

8. Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of home palliative care services for adults with advanced illness and their caregivers, Barbara Gomes, Natalia Calanzani, Vito Curiale, Paul McCrone and Irene J Higginson. See full text here and blogshot here

9. Amitriptyline for neuropathic pain in adults, R Andrew Moore, Sheena Derry, Dominic Aldington, Peter Cole and Phillip J Wiffen. See full text here

10. Physiotherapy for pain and disability in adults with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) types I and II, Keith M Smart, Benedict M Wand and Neil O'Connell. See full text here.