Release of RevMan 5.2

We've today heard that RevMan 5.2 will be released this year, not RevMan 6 as previously announced. The main changes to this version will affect Diagnostic Test Accuracy (DTA) reviews and so unlikely to affect many of our authors as we currently have no DTA reviews registered. Here's more detail from the message we received today:

For authors of ongoing DTA reviews, upgrading to RevMan 5.2 will be mandatory and will feature some important changes to the tool for assessing study quality. The DTA group will shortly be circulating updated advice to DTA review authors and MEs about these changes. Published DTA reviews will not need to be converted to RevMan 5.2 until they are republished.

For authors of intervention, overview and methodology review types this release will be optional.

The changes being implemented in RevMan 5.2 will be detailed further and circulated prior to its release.     

An all entities message will shortly be circulated announcing this change and outlining plans for developing RevMan 6, including an invitation to suggest items for the RevMan wishlist. RevMan 6 is scheduled for release in 2014.