Important funding update

We were recently informed that all core NIHR infrastructure funding for UK Cochrane Review Groups would cease on 31 March 2023, which includes PaPaS. This is clearly disappointing news, and comes at a time when Cochrane itself is also undergoing significant change and re-organisation. We are busy investigating alternative funding arrangements and opportunities, although it is early days and we cannot be sure of the plans for the future of PaPaS at this time. It is likely that the structure of any 'PaPaS Version 2' will look very different to the PaPaS of the past 23 years.

For authors of protocols, reviews and updates already in development

We are committed to continuing to support all titles already agreed and in process, through to publication. As we are not certain of our place as an editorial unit beyond 31 March 2023, we would ideally like to see all active titles published in the Cochrane Library by that date. However, we understand that this may not be feasible, and we would like to reassure our author teams that there will always be a route to publication for high quality Cochrane Reviews. We are here to provide guidance to any authors whose reviews need to be supported into April 2023 and beyond.

For authors of reviews that are due to be (re)assessed for updating 

Unfortunately, we are no longer able to routinely commit to assessing reviews for updating, as we would do under normal circumstances. However, we are open to discussion with author teams if there is a strong reason for updating, for example there is new evidence which may change the conclusions in a high priority review, and there is secure funding to support the update. In these circumstances, we would be very happy to discuss the future of a particular title.

For authors planning on proposing a new title

Unfortunately we are currently closed to unsolicited new title proposals. If you would like to propose a high priority, funded review, we would be open to discussion, but we do not have the capacity or resources to commit to starting new titles over the next 18 months.

Next steps

We are committed to finding a new funding stream to continue our important work and to contribute to better health in our communities beyond March 2023. We are engaging with our Cochrane colleagues regarding the future restructuring of evidence synthesis (see here for more information and an opportunity to contribute (survey closes 31 Oct)). We are also fortunate and grateful to have an expert Editorial Board providing invaluable support as we find our way forward.

If you have any concerns or questions, about particular reviews or any other issue raised here, please do contact Anna Erskine or Neil O’Connell at any time.