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    October 21 2021
  • We were recently informed that all core NIHR infrastructure funding for UK Cochrane Review Groups would cease on 31 March 2023, which includes PaPaS. This is clearly disappointing news, and comes at a time when Cochrane itself is also undergoing significant change and re-organisation. We are busy investigating alternative funding...
    October 19 2021
  • This new review, Single-dose intravenous ibuprofen for acute postoperative pain in adults, was published in September 2021. We produced two blogshots as part of the dissemination plan. Link to the full review here. 
    October 4 2021
  • We are excited to share with you a brand new infographic for our project 'Optimal methods for the use of ‘pain’ as an outcome in systematic reviews of postoperative pain management'. This is a summary of the checklist which was produced to help to guide review authors and people who are using systematic reviews in this field towards...
    September 15 2021
  • This new review, Interventions for palliative symptom control in COVID-19 patients, was published in August 2021. We produced a blogshot as part of the dissemination plan. Link to the full review here. 
    September 6 2021
  • This newly updated review, Hydromorphone for cancer pain, was published in August 2021. We produced a blogshot as part of the dissemination plan. Link to the full review here.
    August 19 2021
  • Dr Adrian Tookman is a Palliative Medicine Specialist. He qualified in 1976 and was appointed, in 1985, as a Palliative Medicine Consultant to the Royal Free Hospital and Medical Director of the Marie Curie Hospice Hampstead. He was appointed as Medical Director to the Royal Free Hospital 2005 – 2009. He retired from the NHS in 2013 and continued...
    June 28 2021
  • You can now find all of our opioid reviews in one place, find them on our website here. 
    June 15 2021
  • We have received the latest data on Pain, Palliative and Supportive Care Review Group Cochrane Reviews used to inform clinical guidelines published between 1 January 2019 to 31 March 2021.Total of 217 individual PaPaS Reviews have informed 128 guidelines.Summary of NICE & SIGN Guideline data81 reviews in: 10 guidelines (9 NICE; 1...
    June 1 2021
  • Nick is a consultant paediatrician in rheumatology and chronic pain. He has specialised in setting up innovative, accessible and responsive services which have included a regional service and network for young people with chronic pain in Oxford for Thames Valley and since 2014 he has established a network for an 8 million population in South East...
    May 26 2021


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