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  • InvitationPain in clinical practice and patient care is often poorly served by an evidence architecture containing multiple structural weaknesses. These issues span across pre-clinical research, clinical trials, and systematic reviews, and impact upon the development of clinical guidelines. Clinical practice in pain management frequently diverges...
    August 5 2022
  • The podcast for the review Prophylactic antiemetics for adults receiving intravenous opioids in the acute care setting is now published. Hear from lead author, Michael Gottlieb, from the Department of Emergency Medicine at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, USA, here. Read the full review on the Cochrane Library here. 
    August 3 2022
  • We will be hosting an event on "Trust and integrity in pain evidence and practice" to be held on Wednesday 7th December 2022, at a venue in London, more details to follow in the coming months.
    July 5 2022
  • We regularly send out newsletters to keep everyone updated on what Cochrane PaPaS has been doing recently. Please sign up to our newsletter here.Please click here to view our latest newsletter. See below for previous newsletters.Previous newslettersMarch 2022December 2021October 2021August 2021June 2021April 2021 February 2021December...
    June 29 2022
  • We have received the latest data on Pain, Palliative and Supportive Care Review Group Cochrane Reviews used to inform clinical guidelines published between 1 January 2020 to 31 March 2022.Total of 219 individual PaPaS Reviews have informed 140 guidelines.Summary of NICE & SIGN Guideline data105 reviews in: 6 NICE guidelines; 1...
    June 16 2022
  • Did you know that at PaPaS we have been defining and delivering high quality evidence synthesis in pain, palliative and supportive care for 23 years? Check out this summary of what we are all about!
    March 21 2022
  • We are delighted to welcome Jessica Thomas to the PaPaS editorial team. Jessica will be covering Anna Erskine's maternity leave. Some of you may recognise Jessica as she has previously held the role of Managing Editor with PaPaS! 
    March 16 2022
  • The podcast Which treatments are best for symptoms in COVID-19 patients at the end of life? is now published. Hear from Marike Andreas here. Read the full review on the Cochrane Library here. 
    January 25 2022
  • Sarah is a GP with a clinical and academic interest in palliative and end-of-life care. She works at the White House Surgery in Sheffield. This is one of the ‘Deep End' cluster practices, serving the most socioeconomically deprived and ethnically diverse practice populations in the city. She joined the University of Sheffield in 2020 as a...
    January 10 2022
  • We would like to invite applications for this interesting and challenging opportunity to contribute to the publication of Cochrane systematic reviews in the field of chronic pain, acute pain, headache and migraine, and palliative and supportive care.The Cochrane Pain, Palliative and Supportive Care Review Group (PaPaS CRG) is one of many CRGs...
    December 14 2021


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