Resources for Peer Referees

Cochrane Peer Referees

Cochrane Review Groups use a network of peer referees with a range of expertise within the scope of the group. The peer review process contributes to the high quality of published protocols and reviews. Some referees provide subject expertise, others methodological expertise and an editor's eye for detail.

Getting involved as a Peer Referee for PaPaS

We appreciate the input of all of our referees. If you are interested in acting as a peer referee with PaPaS, please get in touch and send us your CV so that we can assess your skills and assign a relevant title.

Once we send you a protocol or review, we ask that the checklist is returned within two weeks. More information about the process and what is involved is available in the documents below.

Please note that we cannot predict the number of titles that will be available. We will assign relevant titles when we have completed our editorial checks. Our peer review process is open, which means your comments will not be anonymised before sending to the authors. We send the final published version to all referees along with the authors' responses to the comments.

We also invite Peer Referees to submit their suggestions for new systematic review titles on topics within our scope. Please download this form to submit your suggestions. We will assess these priority topic areas with a view to developing new systematic reviews.

Documents for Peer Referees 

Peer Referee Checklist for Protocols

Peer Referee Checklist for Reviews

Peer Referee Checklist for Overview Protocols

Peer Referee Checklist for Overviews

PaPaS Author and Referee Guidance document